5 best tips to improve your health

  Are you searching for best tips for improving your health? First, a healthy and balanced


Are you searching for best tips for improving your health? First, a healthy and balanced diet, but also and above all, fun! Read all the tips for health improvement!

To improve your health … forget the diets!

“My life revolves around food, I admit it, and I learned not to worry about my waist. What matters is to be healthy and happy. A strict diet does not work for me. I cannot live only with tilapia and asparagus! I take a protein shake in the morning and offer me a glass of wine in the evening. But you cannot enjoy life without good food. ”

Challenge your body

“A few years ago I hired a trainer and started to lift weights. You can quickly accomplish wonders when you put in a constant way. At first, I could not lift anything, but I was soon surprised to take the 16-pound (35-lb) dumbbells. What a feeling! My dogs also keep me in shape; I walk them at least 90 minutes a day. No matter what happens, I have to spend time with them. ”

Learn to say no

“Not knowing where to turn my head anguishes and overwhelms me. It may seem simple, but still it really needs to be applied on a daily basis! I learned that you can say no to another project or refuse to go out every night. It is not healthy to work too much. ”

Keep a positive attitude

“We all have our ups and downs. Even in my worst moments, I try to avoid gloom and focus on my positive activities, big or small. Last week, I hiked 10 km and I’m proud of it. I even wrote a cookbook! This was one of my biggest career goals. ”

Make your well-being a priority

“No matter how busy I am, I try to give myself an hour a day. It’s a good way to keep a balanced lifestyle between our work and our personal lives. I can go to train, visit the market or pay me a manicure … what matters is that I can relax. “