Why Gynecologists are Important our Daily Life


Gynecology is a medical specialty but with some surgical aspects as well. Exercised by a gynecologist, she is dedicated to the study and treatment of the various problems and diseases of the female reproductive system.

In particular, gynecology deals with hormonal women’s problems, whether menstrual problems, menopause, contraception , diseases of the breast, uterus, ovaries , uterine horns and external genitalia and of course the women’s cancers .

It also supports the screening of precancerous lesions of the cervix with the achievement every 3 years in women who have sex and up to 65 years. Note that these smears are achievable by general practitioners. A variant of gynecology is obstetrics performed by an Obstetrician Gynecologist, who is a specialist in pregnancy and childbirth, often called by the midwife.


Etymologically, the term “gynecology” means “study of women”. The gynecologist is therefore the specialist of the female genitalia and related affections. It must also be consulted as part of the prescription of a method of contraception, pregnancy, and menopause. Despite the introduction of a coordinated care program, gynecologists can be consulted freely by patients, without having to go through their doctor. The consultation is supported by the health insurance fund to the tune of 70%.

When to consult?

The first consultation usually takes place around the age of 15 or 16. Then, the follow-up must continue all the life, at the rate of at least one visit per year. Apart from this, patients should consult with painful rules, pelvic pain, breast pain, menstrual irregularity, or any other abnormal situation … It is also advisable for teenagers to consult when they are considering their first sexual intercourse. The gynecologist is also the privileged interlocutor in the context of pregnancy and at the time of menopause.


During a consultation, the gynecologist always begins with an interrogation of the patient to find out what drives her to consult, but also to learn about her personal and family history. It is therefore advisable for the patient to bring the results of all the last examinations she has undergone.
After that, the doctor carries out a gynecological examination (except if it is a virgin girl, not meeting any particular problem). This step takes place in two stages. The gynecologist begins by introducing a speculum to auscultate the vagina and cervix. Then, he makes a vaginal touch to feel the uterus and ovaries. He also feels the breasts of the patient.

The gynecologist can also perform additional examinations. Thus, the smear (removal of cells from the cervix) can identify the presence of possible germs. He can also do ultrasounds, especially during pregnancy. Finally, between the ages of 50 to 74, he will prescribe a mammogram every two years for the patient to prevent breast cancer.

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