Prevent Coffee Stains on your teeth

So here is the scoop. Tooth stains from coffee are caused by numerous polyphenols found in coffee which adhere to the outside of your teeth. Anything you can do that limits the quantity of polyphenols that come into contact with your teeth will limit the amount of staining caused by coffee.Ironically, polyphenols due confer protection to your teeth from acids and make give coffee the complex flavors many people enjoy, so you need to find a balance you are comfortable with.

Here is a list ways you can limit the staining effects of the coffee you drink:

• Drink your coffee with high fat animal milk (and no it isn’t because milk is white). Animal milk proteins bind polyphenols (at least until the coffee reaches your stomach) and bind better the higher the fat content of the milk. Soy milk, etc. will not reduce staining.
• Drink coffee made from 100% Arabica Beans that were dry processed (Robusta beans have more polyphenols….and more caffeine).
• Select a brewing method that extracts less polyphenols. This also means less caffeine unfortunately.
• Decrease contact of the coffee with your teeth You can do this by drinking it very quickly (much easier with espresso), or by drinking with a straw aimed at the back of your tongue (not super comfy). Rinsing also might be beneficial though there isn’t good data on this.

Aside from reducing the staining impact from the coffee itself, you can (and will still have to) treat the effects of the coffee.

• Use a Sonicare toothbrush. Studies have shown that using a Sonicare will reduce stain formation on teeth. Plaque has a tendency to imbibe stains and keeping your teeth clean will slow stain formation. I wouldn’t brush immediately after drinking coffee because your teeth may still be “soft” from the acidity in the coffee, as long as you thoroughly clean your teeth 1 to 2 times a day this will take care of the plaque. Also do not use whitening toothpastes.
• Whiten your teeth occasionally. This is best done through your dentist since they can provide you with bleaching agents (either trays or in office treatments) that provide the best color stability (your teeth will be whiter longer), and also can administer additional treatment to whiten teeth safely. I need to stress that you definitely should not whiten too much, it strips your teeth of its natural protective protein coating. Take at least a couple months off in between whitening cycles for maximal tooth health.
You can check this article on how to drink coffee without staining your teeth. It covers 15 different tips to prevent coffee stains on your teeth in the most possible detailed way.