The world’s first smart trainer


If you are a regular at your fitness club, this article may make you look up with sigh,  because it is primarily focused on “great beginners” with the help of mGym machine.

But hey, we must remember that when we first go in a gym, the machines can be confusing. We do not necessarily see how to use them and what they serve.

So here is world’s first smart trainer mGym for every person who is keen to get fitness at his workplace, offices and homes.

Important Features of Trainer

Load Range

You can apply resistance in 10lb to 85lb range. So it is easy to adjust this trainer according to the fitness plan. You can easily complete your workout of all your muscle groups.

Light and Compact

Smart Trainer mGym is a very light weight machine about 20lb and you can easily travel with this everywhere. It needs not large area to place. You can place it under your bed.

Smart Machine

mGym is connected with your cellphone and you can control everything from your phone like logs and resistance.

Custom Training with mGym

With the mGym trainer, you can create the pre-planned exercises or the your selected specific training program.

Following training programs can be selected from its advanced features.

  • Automatic strip set
  • Automatic weight adjustment between workouts
  • Automatic strip set

Less Training Time

With mGym, weight adjustment are automatically done by the controller. You don’t need for plates or dumbbells for the gym and mGym will do for you automatically. It will reduce 30% your training time as you did before. You also don’t need tracking sheets for training, mGym do it automatically for you.

Concentric Trainer

mGym is a concentric trainer. Resistance is required only for pulling the bar. No force is needed at rewind phase. Concentric training increases volume, intensity and frequency of your workout.