10 benefits of pole fitness to your health that you did not know

If there is one thing sexier than dancing Arab dances, it is to practice pole dancing. Rather than getting into a tube and acrobatics, this activity is one of the most complete you can. Learn some of the benefits of pole dancing classes NYC, a practice that is increasingly popular.

  1. It makes you lose weight fast

Pole dancing requires you to be in movement, to dance, to go up, to hold yourself and to make positions in the tube designed to strengthen the muscles. This exercise makes you lose as many calories as an intense aerobics session, being one of the few isometric and cardiovascular exercises combined.


  1. Improve your cardiac activity

Being an exercise that requires strength and condition, helps improve the capacity of your heart and lungs, promoting circulation in veins and arteries, reducing the risk of


  1. Help eliminate varicose veins

As well as helping cardiac activity, another of the benefits of pole dancing is that it can improve venous return, making that if you have varicose veins or tendency to suffer them, you can decrease them and / or avoid their appearance.


  1. It helps you have more flexibility

The movements included in pole dancing are focused on gaining flexibility. This exercise in addition to improving your figure can make you more flexible, relieving back, neck and joint pain, substantially improving your skin.


  1. It is good against insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping, pole dance is your exercise, since this practice favors the production of serotonin, a substance that helps us relax and fall into a state of deep sleep.


  1. It can help you during pregnancy and childbirth

By exercising strongly the back and abdominal muscles, the work done can help during pregnancy to reduce episodes of low back pain and have fewer problems during delivery.


  1. It is a great de-stressing

As in almost any physical activity, pole dance stimulates the production of endorphins, making it alleviate stress, daily fatigue, anguish and can even relieve depression naturally by making us happy.


  1. Avoid osteoporosis

Every adult woman is concerned about decalcification and unlike other disciplines, being a low impact exercise for the knees and joints, it helps us to prevent osteoporosis by strengthening our bones as well as the connective tissue.


  1. Work all the muscles

To raise and lower the tube requires great strength in legs, arms and abdomen. This force is obtained from an integral work of the muscles, strengthening each one of them, tonifying them and improving them with practice.


  1. Improve your self-esteem 

In addition to feeling good about exercising and improving your figure, pole dance helps you gain confidence in yourself, feeling sexier, more intrepid and much more agile. In addition to that can substantially help your sex life.