5 herbs to help erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Despite what is stated on their labels, not all dietary supplements to treat erectile dysfunction are safe and effective. These are recognized because they are usually cheaper than any other medication.

Consuming these supplements involves undergoing a risk of having serious reactions to enter the body ingredients not specified in the containers. In addition, its benefits have not been scientifically proven either.

Ideally, consult with the doctor before ingesting any supplement or medicinal herb, to avoid health problems. This will evaluate the potential benefits and interactions with other medications consumed by the patient. Many supplements react when combined with alcohol.

Following are the herbs and ingredients for erectile dysfunction and lack of libido.

1. Ginseng to combat erectile dysfunction

The Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb of traditional Chinese and Korean medicine with benefits for the body.

What is used of ginseng are its roots from which nutrients are extracted to prepare supplements and medicines. The properties attributed to it include increasing resistance, concentration and decreasing stress, as well as providing general well-being.

Benefits proven by clinical studies of Ginseng for erectile dysfunction:

  • Improves the rigidity of the penis.
  • Increase in the circumference.
  • Prolongation of the duration of erection.
  • It improves the libido.
  • General satisfaction

The herb is also used for the treatment of premature erection and releases nitric oxide that helps erectile functions.

2. Andean Maca


Stress is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction, so the black maca, native plant of the Andes in Peru, can help men with this condition as it provides strength, resistance and provides the body with amino acids, iodine, iron and magnesium.

There are three types of maca: Black, red and yellow. The first of them relieves stress and improves memory.

Although for now no study has proven the direct ability of maca to treat erectile dysfunction, scientists have associated the use of the plant with better sexual performance of laboratory rats during experiments.

Keep in mind that maca acts as a placebo in humans and has no effect on the body’s hormone levels.

3. Yohimbine: the tree bark


The Yohimbine comes from a tree bark with leaves called perennial, located west of Africa. Among its benefits are:

  • Increases blood flow to the penis by widening the blood vessels.
  • Stimulates the pelvic nerve and increases adrenaline levels.
  • Activates the nerves of the penis to release more nitric acid.
  • Increase sexual desire
  • Prolong erections.

Scientific studies aimed at estimating the effectiveness of Yohimbine  show that 14% of the men who received the treatment enjoyed complete erections, while 20% had little response and 65% did not obtain improvement.

Another study yielded different results. 16 of 29 men reached orgasm and ejaculated after finishing treatment.

In turn, the benefits of the combination of Yohimbine and L-Arginine in the treatment of erectile dysfunction have been proven, determining that the amino acid widens the blood vessels allowing better blood flow.

4. Roots of the white ginger


This has potential benefits in increasing libido and sperm count.

Scientific studies conclude that white ginger has properties similar to Viagra, for being able to increase testosterone levels, sperm motility, as well as the production of nitric acid and sexual desire.

5. Ginkgo biloba is also good for erectile


It was found that Ginkgo biloba or tree of 40 shields increases the blood flow in the penis.

Researchers believe that this plant from China is effective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction caused by other drugs.

One study found improvement in the sexual functions of 76% of men who used antidepressants.

Despite this, other evaluations concluded that there is no improvement in sexual impotence after treatment with Ginkgo biloba.