6 tips to choose a medical insurance

6 tips to choose a medical insurance

With the arrival of cold, comes the time of flu and colds. Therefore, there are many who decide at this time to get health insurance. For 77% of the people who consider it, the main reason is the agility at the time of receiving medical attention. However, each health insurance is different, so before hiring it is important that you keep in mind some recommendations by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.

  1. Address your specific medical needs

Not all people have the same medical needs. Therefore, there are different types of health insurance in the market. If you are a frequent visitor to the doctor, it is probably convenient for you to get medical insurance, with a monthly premium that includes all medical services. On the other hand, if you do not usually go to a consultation, it may be better to have insurance with co-payments or a bare-bones insurance, whose premium is cheaper, but you pay a fee each time you receive a service. On the other hand, there are reimbursement insurance that allow access to all medical services, regardless of the insurer to which they belong, or policies that do not include hospitalization coverage. Pay attention to the characteristics of each one and choose the one that best suits you according to your medical needs. Depending on the option you choose, the insurance will have a higher price or more affordable.

  1. Check the insurer’s medical chart

If you have been recommended by a specific doctor or want to have the option of going to a specific hospital, before hiring a health insurance you should look at the medical chart of the insurance company. You can consult the doctors or centers that are associated with a specific insurance company. If the one you are looking for is not included in your medical chart, you will have to find another insurer that includes it, opt for a reimbursement policy or else assume the cost of the separate consultation.

6 tips to choose a medical insurance

  1. Beware of shortcomings

Before getting a health insurance, it is advisable to know that there are certain medical benefits that have grace periods. This means that there is a period of time from when you contract the policy until you can use certain services. The most common are pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Normally, a period of between 6 and 10 months (depending on the insurer) must pass from the time the insurance is contracted, until it covers gynecological or hospital expenses due to pregnancy and childbirth.

  1. Look closely at the coverages and their limits

In addition to the type of health insurance, you must take into account the coverages included in each one. Normally within a medical policy you find coverage as general medicine, nursing, rehabilitation and oral treatment. However, not all insurance includes all these benefits, nor with the same limits. Look carefully because it may be that for example two different insurance include dental coverage, however one of them limits it to two sessions a year, while another offers you 10. Choose the insurance taking into account your medical needs, avoid paying for coverages that you will not use, but do not fall short when hiring them either. Many insurance companies give discounts on purchasing medical products such as ‘Blue Cross Blue Shield Fitbit’ partnership program.

  1. Attention to pre-existing diseases

When you hire a medical insurance it is very likely that the insurer will ask you for a questionnaire in which you will have to answer questions related to your health status. Surely they ask you about the diseases that you suffer or have suffered, possible allergies, or surgical interventions. In this way, the company assesses the risk of assuring you, will decide whether to do it or not, and will take it as a reference to establish the insurance premium. In addition, some insurers exclude preexisting diseases that you may have from the policy. This means that even if they assure you, the treatments derived from the illness that you suffered before contracting the policy are out of coverage and you have to take them apart.

  1. Compare prices and coverages of different insurance

There are many reasons for hiring a health insurance: speed and agility in health care, direct access to medical specialists, free choice of doctors and hospitals. To avoid paying more for a medical policy there are tools that allow you to save as much as possible in the hiring of these products. The Health Insurance comparator is best source to find best health insurance. By using health insurance comparator. It is possible to find the type of policy you are looking for, with the most appropriate coverage for you, and at the most economical price.