7 approaches to relieve jaw pain

7 approaches to relieve jaw pain

Stress is not the only one responsible for the pain in this area. They also influence posture, certain habits and even the constitution.

The jaw pain can be very annoying and interfere enormously in our day to day. In addition, you may not have a defined cause or have more than one. The jaw pain may be due to psychological tensions, be related to the dentition or many other aspects of our body.

How to end jaw pain

When a problem appears in the temporomandibular joint, it is necessary to resort to a global treatment, which includes multiple disciplines and facial exercises using facial exerciser.


The dentist, who in turn can be a kinesiologist, can determine the origin of the dysfunction and treat it with splints when necessary. There are different types of splints depending on the stage of the problem, although in general all are placed in the jaw.


The osteopath is the dentist’s great ally. It will regulate the primary respiratory movement (the oscillations of the sutures of the bones of the skull) and will balance the cranio-sacral-mandibular system to reduce discomfort in the jaw. Jaw exerciser is also used to relieve pain.


Through its techniques of ultrasound, short waves, tens, etc., it can help relieve jaw pain in case of fractures.


We often overlook the attention of psychology professionals when more physical problems arise. This is a mistake, since these types of discomforts can be derived from tensions, stress or psychosomatic issues.

A psychologist can treat stress and emotional problems that may be creating tensions and inadequate habits that produce this jaw pain.



Acupuncture, as effective as antidepressants


It allows treating the constitutional biotype that favors ligament laxity, as well as improving stress and emotional factors.

Constitutional treatment

Calcarea phosphorica 30CH: when there is moderate laxity take 3 granules once a week.

Calcarea fluorica 30CH: for severe laxity, with a tendency to sprain in other joints. 3 granules once a week.

Symptomatic treatment

Rhus toxicodendrum 15CH: If there is pain in the joint in the morning and improves with movement.


It is advised in cases of intense pain that generates disabilities in daily life and neuralgia.

Bach flowers

They are another help to improve emotional aspects that may be causing this pain in the jaw. Among the most used are the apple tree or wild rose, larch, mimic and impatience.