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Assisting your Teenager in Dealing with Stress

Stress that is being experienced by teens is no different from the ones adult do experience. They are more susceptible in fact to stress, due to the reason that the stage they are passing through everything and everyone they would encounter would be something new. Normally, a small encounter can bring about enough stress, which is quite good–it would assist the teen to learn how to cope with different kinds of “curveballs” that would be thrown at them by life itself.

Though, if it gets too much a little the teen would suffer from an overload of stress. This event obviously is something to be avoided, because it can lead to various causes of effects that are negative on their psychological, mental, and physical development.

Maybe the common most stressor for an average teen would be school. The teen might get stressed up by having a lot of too many projects to get done at a time, or having to get through subjects that are difficult each day. The teen engaging in too many activities than what he/she can handle can be stressful too. Schools transfer can also be a period that would be stressful also for the teen.

The circle of friends that is being maintained by the teen can cause an overload of stress. A lot of teens do feel peer pressure crush at one particular point during their development, and it might arise to being in conflict with some friend. These can arise to being stressed further, like having negative thoughts about themselves, having bad feelings. Anytime you hear your kid saying something like, “anytime I look into the mirror and I take a look at myself, I resemble a surfboard. Nobody would like me ever,” this might be a crippling peer pressure sign

Another reason that causes an overload of stress for a teen is the friction that is within the family. If there are marital problems from the teen’s parent, this could pass a message to the teen that they come from a household that is broken, this can get so depressing! A lot of parents don’t even know that a financial problem that is within the family could have the wrong signal sent to the teen even.

Overload of stress can lead to a host of consequences that are negative on the teens. The teen might be complaining often of getting “stressed-out”, and this can lead to physical discomforts that are chronic like fatigue, digestive problems, and headaches. Appetite loss might be suffered also by the teen, having trouble to sleep, attention levels decreased.

Stress overload symptoms which are more serious include the behavior changes. The teen can get aggressive and has a bad temper developed, or it should be the opposite and the teen should go into a depression that is deep. They might choose to have themselves stay away from their social contact and spend more time on their own. If these symptoms which are psychological are allowed to get worse, it might resort in them using drugs or alcohol and chilling out with the bad kids.

Delightfully, several lots of the management skills on stress that is being practiced by the adults would effectively work on them too. Apart from this, the parents can assist by having the words and the actions of their teens watched. Parents should listen to their teens’ words, and be able to discern if there are signs of being overload with stress.

If your teen continues to have these problems, consider getting them some counseling or a life coach for your teen as this can be very beneficial.

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