Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapies (TRT)

Too low testosterone can put your libido at half mast, but also your sexual performance, your energy level, your motivation, and of course your ability to gain muscle mass.

When necessary, opting for testosterone replacement therapy can bring your rate back to normal, and help you find the man you were.

Is testosterone safe?

When necessary, opting for testosterone replacement therapy can bring your rate back to normal, and help you find the man you were. TRTs (Testosterone Replacement Therapies) have many advantages. TRT is safe when it is under medical supervision. You can read more about the safety level of TRT here

Here’s a summary of what you should know before choosing a TRT.

What testosterone level is normal?

The testosterone level is usually between 300 and 900 nanograms per deciliter of blood.
However this range only mentions the total amount of testosterone, but there are other data to consider.

Indeed, it is important to know your free testosterone level, which is the amount of testosterone active in the body at any given time.
A man with an average total testosterone level can quite present the symptoms of low testosterone if he has little free testosterone.
Free testosterone is much more representative of the true state of your testosterone.

The Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapies

A weakened free testosterone level is mostly related to sexual difficulties, and there is no doubt that TRTs can restore sex and help maintain a normal erection.
They can also help to find this effect “wow” orgasms.

Sexual reasons are often enough for men to start a TRT.
But low testosterone levels influence men’s health far beyond the bedroom.
Getting your testosterone levels back to normal can have a positive impact on a number of health issues that are just as crucial as sexuality.

It is now recognized scientifically, through multiple studies done on the subject, that testosterone affects diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis, among others.┬áTestosterone can also play a role in men’s life expectancy.
Testosterone also helps reduce body fat while promoting increased muscle development.

These facts are important for overall health, and go well beyond an interest in bodybuilding.
Treating a low testosterone level can also help strengthen the bone system and help prevent osteoporosis.
Some studies even suggest that this type of treatment may help control blood sugar levels, and thus promote the prevention and control of diabetes.

Testosterone is also related to heart health.
Reduced testosterone levels have been recognized as possibly related to an increased risk of cardiovascular problems.

Although many of the physiological mechanisms associated with testosterone remain so far mysterious, it is clear that testosterone replacement therapies can, in many cases, bring huge changes to a man’s quality of life.
But these TRTs are not without drawbacks, and before making your choice, it is important to know the ins and outs of all the options available to you.