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5 tricks to relieve the pains of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is more than a mystery but the key to relieving the pain is in the natural. Fibromyalgia is little known, because until now it continues to be a condition of which little has been studied. Traditional medicine is challenged by it again and again. Fibromyalgia causes a very particular pain, because it seems to originate in …

buy CBD

8 Benefits of CBD for seniors

Many seniors are unaware of how CBD could improve their quality of life and how stereotypical marijuana use has changed. Because CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant, older people can get to know the medical benefits of marijuana without conflicting with the law. In addition, seniors have the opportunity to take CBD in a more familiar …



Acne skin is often associated with adolescence, but acne problems can also occur in adulthood. If your skin has pimples or inflammation recently, learn about acne treatments that fit your situation. Several effective treatments manage to reduce acne and even eliminate it completely depending on the severity of the case. THE BASIC TIPS TO REDUCE ACNE Before …

Can we cure HIV / AIDS

Can we cure HIV / AIDS?

At present, it is impossible to completely eradicate HIV and cure AIDS. However, people living with HIV can be treated with a combination of antiretrovirals. According to  Dr Gail Barouh LIAAC, in most cases, the treatment effectively controls the replication of the virus. It reduces the amount of viruses circulating in the body (viral load). With the introduction …

7 approaches to relieve jaw pain

7 approaches to relieve jaw pain

Stress is not the only one responsible for the pain in this area. They also influence posture, certain habits and even the constitution. The jaw pain can be very annoying and interfere enormously in our day to day. In addition, you may not have a defined cause or have more than one. The jaw pain may be due …

The benefits of acupuncture and recommendations for this therapy

The benefits of acupuncture and recommendations for this therapy

Within traditional Chinese medicine we find acupuncture which is a healing technique where very thin needles are used to stimulate specific points in the body. This is done to make a balance in these energy flows, which would keep the body healthy. mentions that the treatment of acupuncture, rather than destined to the healing of a specific symptom, …

group therapy in drug and alcohol Rehab

Individual and group therapy in drug and alcohol Rehab

In the course of their stay in the rehab, the patients typically receive individual counseling from a trained addiction therapist and participate in regular group therapy sessions with other patients. The aim of these sessions is to empower the patient with the skills needed to live a life free of alcohol or drugs. Many rehab …

avoid drinking

5 tips to avoid alcoholism

In the section on addictions, alcoholism is one of the most common. It can affect any person, whatever their status in society. Alcohol addicts are at risk of serious health problems, but also harm those around them. Relatives, friends and colleagues also suffer the consequences of this harmful habit. That’s why we offer you 5 tips to quit alcohol recommended by Alcoholism Rehabilitation. …

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