Does it really matter to use organic spices & herbs?

organic spices & herbs

Separately they are spices, the unsung heroes of many dishes, after being a mixture spices become the taste. The story doesn’t end here – spices elevate the overall health factor of our meals. Spices are the dried part of a seed, root, rhizomes, fruit, and other plant substances while the herbs are fresh or dried aromatic non-woody parts of plants. These herbs and spices are used in small quantities to prepare culinary dishes and enhance flavor, stimulate appetite, and add zest to food.

But do you think that replacing your spices and herbs cabinet with their organic versions is no big deal?

Spices are generally overlooked because they are not often on our grocery list and when you buy these beneficial long-lasting items you realize that organic spices and herbs are a little more expensive. But is it worth buying expensive organic spices, herbs, and seasonings?

Purpose of herbs and spices:

Spices are used for garnishing or bringing flavor and aroma to cooking and baking. However, these spices and herbs also have incredible health and medicinal benefits. These are also the ingredients for powerful natural remedies used in alternative methods of treating different health conditions. This is why with every passing day use of organic spices and herbs is gaining popularity and now you can order the best organic spices and herbs online also.

Organic herbs and spices are far better than their conventional version:

Though conventional herbs and spices are also beneficial, organic herbs and spices are full of concentrated health and medicinal benefits. In fact, most of the time these spices and herbs contain composition-disruptive additives, GMO’s, chemical additives, pesticides, anti-caking agents such as sodium ferrocyanide, sodium aluminosilicate, calcium silicate, silicon dioxide, and other contaminants.

Irradiation and fumigation are practices that change the chemical composition of conventional herbs and spices. Ethylene oxide and radiation exposure are used to remove contaminations and to kill off bacteria. This entire process increases human exposure to carcinogenic by-products and enhances free radical damage.

This chemical intervention in conventional farming exposes human health to so many health risks and issues. We actually have no idea about the long-term effects of ingesting these conventional spices and herbs.

How organic spices impact human health quality?

Herbs and spices provide tasty traditional flavors to sweet and savory foods. In addition to the flavors, these herbs and spices are nutritious, fight against different types of diseases, and to build immunity. Some of the common health benefits of organic spices are:

  • Spices and herbs like saffron, ginger, turmeric, cumin, fennel, cumin, and cinnamon increase immunity, improve blood circulation, and better digestion.
  • Organic spices and herbs provide a much better flavor than conventional spices.
  • The best part about these spices and herbs is their overall environment-friendly nature.
  • Spices and herbs lose their flavors and essential oils when they sit in a bottle for months. While organic herbs and spices have a limited period of consumption because there is a limited amount of preservatives and chemical fertilizers.

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