Health Benefits of Mangosteen

The mangosteen, (garcinia mangostana) or jobo from India is a fruit used in Asian medicine for its excellent properties. The mangosteen is a tropical tree that is grown in areas of Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hawaii and Sri Lanka.

The mangosteen rich in antioxidants

The mangosteen produces a delicate edible aromatic fruit rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and other bioactive substances. Antibacterial, antiviral and antiallergic, the mangosteen is a true jewel for its many healthy properties.

The tree grows between 7 and 25 meters, surrounded by large leaves that can measure up to 25 centimeters.

The fruit:

– It has a reddish crust or pericarp

– The pulp is known for its mild flavor and very aromatic between sweet and sour

– The seeds are inside the white pulp.


The tree is slow growing and needs special habitat conditions, requires heat, humid soil and equatorial climate.

Antioxidants are beneficial substances to fight free radicals that cause cellular aging. The mangosteen has one of the most active antioxidants in nature, belongs to the family of chemical compounds called xanthones.

The xanthones

Xanthones are photochemical, or substances that come from plants with great antioxidant power. Xanthones are being studied for their medicinal potential.

There is a whole family of xanthone antioxidants, but some of the most active are in the peel or pericarp of the mangosteen. Xanthones are found in other tropical fruits such as kumara, a staple food in the Maori diet of New Zealand.

The two substances of the most beneficial xanthone family that are present in the mangosteen are Alpha mangostin and gamma mangostin. Studies conducted with these two substances have found beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, antibiotic properties, and antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects.

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Properties and studies on mangosteen

– Mangosteen has been shown to have inhibitory effects against bacteria such as Mycobacterium tuerculosis and Staphylococcus aureus. The mangosteen is a good ally to strengthen the weakened immune system

– The mangosteen is being studied for its anti-tumor effects in several lines of cellular cancer research. For example, in a line of research against breast cancer, SKBR3 cells were cultured in the presence of mangosteen extract in various concentrations. The mangosteen showed a property of dose inhibition dependent on cell proliferation.

– The mangosteen has antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. It is still used in traditional Asian medicine for skin allergies, wounds and diarrhea.

– Mangosteen inhibits the production of ROS (chemically reactive oxygen-containing molecules), studies suggest that mangosteen has properties to fight against tumors.

– Mangosteen’s ethanol extract has shown great potential in the inhibition against the HIV-1 virus

– The mangosteen has shown good properties against cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis, hypertension and thrombosis.

– The mangosteen has vasodilating properties.

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