How to Get Rid of Skin Allergy

How to Get Rid of Skin Allergy

In winter, between hot and cold, dryness and fatigue, the skin suffers and expresses itself in the form of eczema, urticaria or itching … All these symptoms can be caused by a skin allergy, the medical word To mean “skin allergy”. How do you know if you are allergic and How to Get Rid of Skin Allergy? The advice of our doc to us, Nicolas Evrard, physician and editor of SanteAZ.

A skin allergy results in skin that reacts abnormally to a substance, the allergen.
This allergy causes specific lesions in the skin, which creates dermatological reactions: eczema, urticaria, itching or even red patches.
It is not always easy to identify these allergies, which are very widespread.

To help you learn more, we have enlisted the insights of Nicolas Evrard, Physician and Editor-in-Chief of HealthAZ .

Symptoms of skin allergy

Skin allergy is manifested by dermatological reactions that are more or less visible and disabling: itching, eczema, urticaria, itchy plaques … However, it is difficult to identify it strictly speaking.
“It is difficult to define skin allergy, because there are cutaneous manifestations that correspond to food or respiratory allergies , says Dr.Evrard.
The skin allergy is the ultimate contact allergy: the touch of a object, skin snaps abnormal mechanisms.
But all the cutaneous manifestations are not necessarily caused by skin contact. an alimentary, respiratory or drug allergy can also manifest as a skin reaction such as hives or eczema.

How to Get Rid of Skin Allergy


If you think you are suffering from a skin allergy, consult a specialist. It is important to know your allergen, that is to say the cause of your allergy to be able to prevent and avoid these skin reactions.

“You have to see either allergist, dermatologist or pediatrician, it depends, and conduct a survey in the form of skin tests and blood tests, which aims to determine the allergen , said Dr. Evrard.
One can also Take local medicines, such as corticosteroids – which are creams and ointments – or antihistamines for urticaria, which relieve the effects of allergy. “

The tips of Dr. Evrard Allergy about “How to Get Rid of Skin Allergy”:

> We must nourish the skin with very specific greasy creams, sold in pharmacies.
> Avoid Marseille soap , prefer a greasy soap.
> Water in prolonged contact with the skin can be irritating: we try to reduce the time spent in the shower.
> Avoid rubbing and irritation of all kinds, for example, an allergic baby coming out of the shower should not be rubbed with a towel.