According to various studies, almost 15% of men would admit to encounter erectile dysfunction from time to time. With being fatalistic and opt for the famous little PremierZEN Extreme 3000 pill or other drug solution, here are some tips to boost your erection.

Healthy life, you will adopt

The rhythm of life is the first factor inducing erection problems: stress, insufficient sleep, tobacco, excess alcohol, unbalanced diet and lack of physical activity cause erection failure.

To remedy this, it is important to eat healthy and practice a sport on a regular basis, to promote the creation of testosterones and improve blood circulation, including the influx to the penis.

Trust in you, you will have

A second major cause of erectile dysfunction comes from lack of self-confidence , and fear of failing to satisfy one’s partner. In this situation, while many couples neglect it, the dialogue is the best solution to dramatize and gain reinsurance.

In addition to communication, relaxation exercises and breathing techniques can also help.

More time in the preliminaries, you’ll take

The caresses and sexual games prior to penetration are then crucial to exacerbate the desire and allow it to settle permanently; they are also a way to get a more intense erection, but also a faster and more pronounced body.

Over time, couples tend to give them less importance. Kisses, which are part of their daily life for example, should be worn with the greatest attention and reflecting on their meaning by giving them.

Poking desire with sex toys, alluring outfits or a striptease, is also very beneficial.

Less masturbation, you will practice

Finally, if 90% of men masturbate , some tend to abuse, so that in the long run, this practice completely disorient their body.