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Mala beads: yoga jewelry for meditation

In the East, particularly in India, Indians and Buddhists use the mala as a rosary for meditation; its primary vocation. Exported to the West, malas took on another meaning; that of being fashionable jewelry around your wrists and necks. The mala is a meditation accessory for men or women to wear in any occasion. The yoga brand Yogimag presents its many models available in all styles: chic, Zen, trendy … This yoga jewelry is fashionable.


Originally, mala is a prayer bracelet created in India used in Buddhism, Hinduism which found its place in meditation and yoga. It is a spiritual rosary.

Called Tibetan bracelet, meditation bracelet, yoga bracelet, Buddhist bracelet, Japa Mala beads (recitation bracelet) … The mala is a counter of mantras during the meditation sessions. Beads are a den, each mantra recited = 1 bead.

A genuine mala has 108 beads that were meant to recite 108 times the same mantra during meditation. Now in the West, shorter malas with a few dozen beads allow for shorter meditation sessions. The number of beads determines the duration of the meditation session.

Evolution of the use of mala

As part of Buddhism, Hinduism in the West, this yoga meditation accessory became known to a wide audience thanks to the rise of meditation in Europe.

Over time, the mala has become a jewelry that everyone keeps on itself that can serve as a lucky charm, protection for example.

It is a jewelry that becomes an accessory beauty and well-being. Various malas are made in the form of jewelry for women and men fashionable and trendy. Some will be beads of sandalwood, ebony, others will be obsidian….

Nowadays, litho therapy seizes our malas to protect you by the power of the stones and crystals that each one carries. It’s according to everyone and their needs.

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