Patient record: which medical software to choose?

Are you installing or looking for a new IT management tool for your practice?

Whether you are a general practitioner, a dentist in a nursing home or a pediatrician in a hospital, the use of reliable and easy-to-use medical software is essential. Specialist for health professionals advise you to find the best medical practice management software.

HAS Certified Medical Software

First of all, your medical prescription assistance (LAP) software must be certified by the High Authority of Health (HAS). This principle is governed by the law of 29 December 2011 on strengthening the safety of medicines and health products .

Criteria for choosing your medical software

Safety, ergonomics and cost: these are the main criteria to be taken into account when managing your patient files. Choosing medical software involves you for several years. Better therefore take the time to identify the most useful features, depending on your specialty and mode of exercise. Your future prescribing software can help you to:

  • manage your patient records, your consultation history
  • centralize the health questionnaires specific to your medical practice
  • follow the weight-to-weight curve of your patients, their ALD requests
  • writing orders, letters
  • teletransmit electronic care sheets
  • Record the results of additional patient examinations (blood tests, X-rays, MRI, etc.),
  • prepare your tax return
  • how to prevent, anticipate vaccine recalls
  • view your patient records remotely, from a smartphone or tablet (convenient for home consultations)

Buzz Medicine, a reference site for medical software, offers each year a comparison of the best solutions on the market.

MEDIFIL in addition to your medical software

Always to facilitate the daily life of healthcare professionals, MEDIFIL is a perfect complement to your medical software. A qualified attendant answers the phone with a smile and manages your consultation schedule.