Tips for Quick Recovery from Cataract Surgery

Recovery from Cataract Surgery

The cataract Surgery is minor, painless and you will be back home after surgery. You will need to be accompanied or arrange for transportation back home.  Here are some guidelines given by cataract surgery UK for Quick Recovery from Cataract Surgery.

Possible temporary symptoms following surgery

  • Blurred vision
  • Ability to see halos around the lights
  • Dilated pupils
  • Sensation of having something in the eye, like a dust
  • Itching and sensitivity
  • Possibility of blood in the eye (red eye)

Treatment (always strictly follow the doctor’s instructions)

  • Place drops as directed.
  • Remove the dressing at the time indicated by the doctor (do not replace it).
  • Put the shell back on the eye during periods of sleep the first week.
  • Take acetaminophen (Tylenol or equivalent) if you experience pain.
  • Apply a clean washcloth of boiled cold water to relieve the itching.
  • Wash your hands very frequently.
  • Protect your eye if you need to wash your hair with shampoo.

Restrictions for Quick Recovery from Cataract Surgery

Do not:

  • Driving (ask your doctor when you can get back on the wheel).
  • Move you out of the house (for the first 24 hours or so).
  • Make intense physical efforts the first week.
  • Tilt the head down to avoid pressure in the eye.
  • Have sexual activity two weeks after the procedure.
  • Get your hair dyed or get a permanent one.
  • Rubbing eyes.
  • Make up.
  • Touching earth, dust, animals, etc.

What is allowed during convalescence

You can:

  • Eat normally and take your usual medications
  • Continue your daily activities such as washing, dressing, doing light housework, etc.
  • Watch television
  • Walk
  • Read
  • To cook

To monitor

  • Vision decreases instead of improving on days after surgery
  • Pain intensifies
  • Swelling
  • Redness (other than the presence of blood in the eye)

If you have any of these symptoms, contact your doctor.

Healing Time

The symptoms described above only last a few days, and the vision will improve rapidly. It is essential to follow the doctor’s instructions and to present you to your follow-up appointments.

As you can see, it is simple and quick to recover from a cataract surgery, provided by Cataract Surgery UK.