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Sitting correctly and ergonomically prevents back pain

At home, work and on the road, everywhere is sitting and many spend most of the day with it. The constant sitting in the combination with too little movement, however, harms the back. The back muscles can regress and the supporting function is lost. As a result, the spine is loaded, resulting in back pain and tension. Sitting correctly and ergonomically is very important because it helps to avoid back pain.

How do you get back pain from sitting too long and sitting wrong?

About every third person suffers from back or neck pain. But this does not have to be, because an ergonomically correct sitting prevents back pain. This affects people who work a lot while sitting down. There are several reasons for this: Sitting does not activate the back muscles, which makes them weaker and weaker. Weak back muscles cause back pain. In addition, the posture is often bad, which often leads to poor posture and tension. On the other hand, many people tend to stretch their heads in front of the PC or pull up their shoulders. This cramps the neck muscles and also the muscles are poorly supplied with blood. The tension can be eliminated with the correct posture.

Sit properly and prevent back pain

Healthy sitting is very important. This is not only true for people who have to sit for a long time for professional reasons, for example in office work. Sitting in the wrong seat can cause significant health problems, ranging from headaches to herniated discs. Therefore, it is important to consider some ergonomic considerations. Ergonomics is understood as the adaptation of conditions to people, not the other way round. The goal is to make them optimal, so that as little or no health impact as possible. This starts with using an ergonomic chair:

The right desk height

The ergonomic design includes not only the adjustment of the chair, but also the table or desk, which is adjusted to the perfect height. The Height Adjustable Standing Desks are adjusted so that the upper and lower arms as well as the upper and lower legs form a right angle. The feet should be on the ground. If the arms can lie loosely on the armrests, the shoulder area is relieved.

Pay attention to straight posture while sitting

In addition, a straight posture is very important when sitting, as this prevents problems with the spine and back pain. A slightly tilted forward pelvis ensures an upright sitting and avoids a hunchback. The muscles and intervertebral discs are thus evenly loaded. With an optimally adjusted ergonomic chair, bad posture can be reduced, but everyone must pay attention to his posture.

Dynamic sitting relaxes the back muscles

A dynamic sitting is important, so that the seating position is changed as often as possible. The back has to be moved regularly. It relaxes the muscles and promotes blood circulation, preventing painful tension. The back muscles change regularly between a relaxations. Dynamic sitting prevents the spine from being loaded on one side. Even getting up in between is indispensable. If you stay the whole day, you do not have to wonder about tensions and back pain in the evening. Occupational physicians even recommend electronically adjustable sit-and-stand tables to use to sit and stand alternately. Those who do not have such a table should definitely do compensatory sports.


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