Slip & Hip Injuries: Causes, Claims, and Legal Compensations


The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) found that around 1.6 million hip fractures occur across the globe each year. According to these statistics, hip fractures have a high mortality rate, up to 24%, and increase the risks for at least five years after the injury.

However, whether you have had a slip and fall or got in an accident at work, hip injuries are quite common. The main problem is that they limit the ability to get around with ease while the recovery can be very extensive, and expensive as well.

While some of these injuries result in less physical damages, other cases can result in individuals with subsequent hip injuries facing difficult obstacles along with stressful surgeries and costly expenses. In these situations, it is crucial to seek professional legal assistance and get the necessary consultation with an attorney.

The Causes of Hip Injuries and Appropriate Legal Actions

There are numerous ways one can get injured or harm the hip, but some of the most frequent causes include:

  • Slip, trip and fall
  • Work-related injuries
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Sporting accidents
  • Repetitive stress on a hip causing the injury

Slip, Trip & Fall Claims

The most common case is when a person slips, trips, and falls resulting in an injured hip. Regarding the legal aspect of such circumstances, it is hard to prove the liability or whose fault it actually was. Then again, property owners have a duty to maintain their assets in a safe condition, as well as every public space has somebody responsible for its preservation and safety. Therefore, get a free case evaluation to determine if a compensation claim can be filled.

Hip Injuries Caused by Accidents at Work

If the business fails to comply with the U.S. Safety and Health Administration, that enterprise is consciously increasing the health risks of their workforce. Meaning, this is the number one reason hip injuries occur in a workplace. And, the right of each employee is to use this valid motive and file a claim against their employers for compensation.

Vehicular Accidents Resulting in Hip Injuries

These types of accidents can be quite severe, so after the injured individuals receive the appropriate medical care, they may wish to pursue the hip injury compensation. After determining the fault and the cause of the accident, they should start to gather evidence to support the claim.

First of all, there should be proof confirming the accident really happened. Whether there were witnesses and statements from those who saw the accident, video footage, or other evidence to support the claim, any proof gives legal leverage and makes the claim effective. Of course, the levels of the hip injury and personal negligence will be measured as well. Nevertheless, these steps are further determined during the attorney consulting sessions.

Hip Injury Claim Compensation

When preparing to go to court and fight for the rightful compensation, the question about costs and damages starts to impose. Therefore, the amount of the compensation heavily depends on the type and severity of the hip injury, even if it the claim revolves around medical negligence.

However, if the hip damages are severe, when making a personal claim, it is necessary to submit evidence such as:

  • General damages – All the ways the hip injury diminished the quality of life and how it resulted in daily struggles, suffering, and expenses.
  • Medical costs – The total amount of medical costs and special care.

The life-changing aspect of the accident should be presented to the very last detail. Only then can a plaintiff expect to see the significant compensation.

While the majority of other injuries may not be life-threatening, hip-related injuries can cause pains and difficulties for years to come. It can easily ruin someone’s life and therefore, legal measures have to be taken. Not to mention that the costs of medical treatments can be more than one can bear, and especially so when dealing with vital medical procedures.

There is no time to lose, so call the attorney to get a compensation for your hip injuries. And don’t wait to start building the legal case because, the more time passes, the harder it gets to prove the third party’s responsibility.