The 4 benefits of taking a good bath

Hello beautiful! How is the week going? We are looking forward to the weekend to have a little relaxing time. Speaking of relaxation, did you know that taking a bath has multiple and very complete benefits?

The brand of British origin, Bomb Cosmetics, knows very well the advantages of relaxing baths (for something they sell more than 200 different pumps and creams!). That is why they have built their business around their flagship product: effervescent Amor bath bombs that, when in contact with water, release delicious and active aromas that are very beneficial for the skin.

Bomb Cosmetics maintains the philosophy that neither animals nor the environment should suffer for our luxuries, so none of their finished products or their ingredients have been used to experiment on animals. In addition, the process of making your pumps is very simple and at the same time handmade.


The Pink Rosebud Heart bath bomb,   which is included in one of the two combinations of the August Guapbox, is one of these pumps, the result of this totally handmade and almost magical manufacturing process that, when submerged in the water, releases floral aromas, with notes of rose, vetiver and ylang ylang, while releasing nourishing assets that soften and nourish the skin.

Is not it true that you have wanted to give yourself a good relaxing bath? Attentive to the 4 benefits that will bring you:

They release toxins:  The baths with the water a little hot, open the pores, in such a way that it is the perfect occasion for an exfoliation session, with which to eliminate all the toxins and dead skin cells.

Multiple health benefits:  The bathrooms are, if you have a little time, the best and most natural remedies against headaches and colds, and also to relieve pain in joints and muscles (the perfect therapy after a hard gym session!). In addition, they improve circulation, because during the bath, the blood vessels dilate.

Relieve stress and change the mood:  Nothing better after a stifling day at work, than to get home and take a relaxing bath. If you also light candles and put on some music, your mood will improve a lot!

Help you sleep better:  A relaxing bath at night, right after dinner, makes all the tension accumulated during the day disappear. You will go to bed with your head empty of worries and your body in a state of total relaxation.