The Guinot Way For Skincare

Guinot Way For Skincare

Guinot was first founded in France, whereas many countries have Guinot laboratories today. In Paris, it was over fifty years ago that well-known chemist René Guinot, married to a beauty therapist, began developing a focused approach to treating the skin, now known as the legendary Hydradermie treatment. Guinot moved on to create treatment-compatible products that clients could use at home from this starting concept. The relationship between scientist and beauty therapist endures for Guinot.


The Science Behind the Guinot Products

Guinot therapist begins by giving us a glimpse into the Guinot laboratories set up. “It’s science-led, nothing’s tested on animals, it’s all tested on human cells. There are no artificial colourants in the products, no artificial preservatives, so they are paraben-free and have no artificial colours and perfumes. The packaging is to pharmaceutical standards; everything has many numbers, so we have high traceability of products and quality. All the water’s filtrated and purified because water is a vital element of beauty products.


Double Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise by Guinot

When we say double cleanse, we don’t just mean morning and night; we suggest double cleanse in the morning, and then double cleanse at night. It may sound extravagant, but the therapist explains it as almost like internal and external cleansing. First of all, you are removing all the external things you have applied on your skin, such as your makeup, maybe pollution or oils that your skin has picked up from the environment or your day-to-day activities. The second cleanses for anything that your skin’s excreted, such as toxins from sweat, oils from the glands. So it is essential to do a double cleanse.



Guinot work because every person’s skin is different and is exposed to various environmental and stressful conditions. That’s one reason why there is such a wide range of skincare products and treatments available from Guinot, and why the company continues to focus on research and development into new products. Guinot explores the science behind the products and how we can use what science tells us about our skin to treat them better.