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Wellness Plans for the Holidays

When we think about holidays, we associate this time with the possibility of rest and disconnect from our daily routine. After this we can resume activities with new energies. But from the expectations to the reality they are, that the development of so longed vacations happen within a series of activities where the rest and disconnection is not the protagonist. On the contrary the excess of multi-activities, congested destinies, added to the necessity of wanting to know everything in a short time, they end up becoming plans, which can cause stress in the human being and everything contrary to the main objective of when the trip started.

To find the goal of the holidays, it is important to rethink the way we are choosing our plans and determine if we want adventure, culture, gastronomy, rest or all of the above and according to the choice we make to connect with specialized agencies that give us a professional advice on what would be the perfect plan, made to measure what we want.

But what are wellness trips? Wellness trips are framed in the goal of resting, connect to the simple life, generate healthy lifestyle habits that allow the human being to create an awareness of their lifestyle and prevent diseases caused by stress and multitasking daily It is a new way of seeing the way of traveling, enjoying a vacation that ends up being a retreat for the body, mind, emotions and spirit; thus improving health, without needing to be sick only as a preventive action of the disease, a real break that renews ideas and improves productivity. One of the ideal places to enjoy this kind of healthy lifestyle is Zunzun Sailing Yacht & Floating Spa Virgin Islands where all facilities of massage Spa St Thomas, all inclusive day sail St Thomas, full private daysail, 1/2 day Sail, sunset sail, specialty trips and Massage & Floating Spa out of St Thomas and St John are available. All trips can be adjusted to your schedule and desires at low rates.
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What is different from the rest? Wellness trips are differentiated from conventional trips, by generating renewing and authentic experiences for the human being, bringing it closer to its essence and in some cases to its purpose of life. We can not talk about religious issues. It is only of a healthy and conscious lifestyle to detoxify the body, mind and emotions, where the main thing is tranquility and constant meditation to live a present time in an attentive manner.

What activities are done during a wellness trip? There are different activities that are carried out during these trips such as: enough sleep, passive hiking, detoxification workshops, healthy nutrition, ancestral rituals, silent retreats, synchronization workshops with the earth, sharing with the communities, conscious use of the mineral-medicinal waters, hydrotherapy circuits, complementary relaxation therapies, awareness of water consumption, technological disconnection and many others, that balance the human being in his daily life.

Where do these activities take place? In different spaces that are aligned with the well-being of the human being and the harmony of the environment, such as: Hotels, Wellness Centers, Thermal Centers, Spa, Ecovillages, Organic Food Restaurants, National Natural Parks, Indigenous Communities and other spaces of a destination that aim to provide travelers with an authentic wellness experience, delimited in cultural and regional aspects.

Who is it for? To all people who seek to improve their quality of life, to people who have high levels of stress, to creatives who seek to oxygenate their ideas, to those who feel that they have lost their lives, for those seeking a real rest in your holidays.

Are there Wellness Travelers in the world? Yes, since a few years ago citizens of countries like France, Spain, United States and England have become travelers of well-being, lovers of prolonging their lives in a healthy way, on average we speak of 400 million people in the world, traveling alone for the pleasure of feeling well.


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