What is the importance and use of generic Latisse?

The word ‘beauty’ was really no object, without the sense organs especially the eyes. Everything would exist only in words, without realizing what they really are. Whether we admit it or not, our eye is the “light” of our lives as 80 percent of what we perceive comes from the sense of sight. Protecting and taking the utmost care for this fundamental organ sense is very important and reduces the risk of developing eye disease, blindness and eye defects. Eye drops Generic Latisse is a medication for the treatment of people with open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension due to aging. It is also known as eye BIMAT drops. Its usefulness is; helps reduce the pressure inside the eyeball; reduces vision problems; avoids the risk of possible damage to the optic nerve (also called as never cranial II); It prevents blindness and relieves pain in the eyes. This eye drops is also used for the application of the eyelashes to increase / nourish its length and health. When applying eye drops it is necessary to follow the instructions indicated by the doctor, in order to avoid any misuse and effective results. People who wear contact lenses should always remove the lenses before using the eye drops. During the application, extend the open eye and press firmly down to ensure fall (s) in your eye. Then, Open gently and close the eye to make splashes on the eye. If you use it to lengthen the lashes, you may want to use the tool (for example, a soft brush), designed for that purpose.

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