White Pepper vs. Black Pepper: Difference, uses, and health benefits!

White Pepper vs. Black Peppe

Pepper has remained an important part of ancient, traditional healing practices because of antioxidants, micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals present in it. It is helpful in improving a variety of health conditions, including decreasing blood pressure, lowering inflammation, and improving digestion.

Most of us are familiar with black peppercorn or black pepper, but do you know white pepper also exists!

Do you know the difference between white peppercorns and black peppercorns?

Both of these peppercorns are berries derived from the plant called ‘’Piper Nigrum’’. White peppercorn is obtained by removing the outer layer of berry before or after plucking them from their plant. To remove this layer peppercorn are washed or soaked in water. These peppercorns are then dried to get light colored white pepper. On the other hand, black peppercorns are plucked from its plant when they are just ripe and then dried in the sun to get darken outer layer.

White Pepper vs. Black Pepper – know the difference:

White pepper vs. Black pepper the main difference is their processing. Just by changing the preparation, you have obtained some subtle and some not-so-subtle changes in their flavor, color, and consistency. There are two main differences you can observe between white and black pepper.

  • Black pepper is fierier than white pepper and for people having milder palate, white pepper might be best. White pepper is simple, earthy, and lighter while the black pepper has a strong aroma with richer, bolder, and a hot flavor.
  • To add a strong flavor to a dish black pepper is admired most, and white pepper is used to give just a pinch of flavor to food.
  • White pepper loses its outer layer and it is more exposed than black pepper and tends to lose its flavor faster. It is why you need to use fresh grounded white pepper as opposed to its pre-ground version. In contrast to it, black pepper had a longer shelf life and it keeps the stronger flavor.

White pepper vs. Black pepper – which one is better:

Both of these peppers have their own signature flavors and are used in a huge variety of dishes as per preference. Benefits of white and black pepper are more or less identical as they are the fruit of the same plant only processed differently.

White pepper is used in dishes that need light flavoring and the black pepper provide extra spiciness to your favorite food items. Also, white pepper is added to the dishes at the end just before removing from the stove as it loses its flavor during overheating. While the black pepper is added to dishes during cooking and overheating cannot destroy its tasteful flavor.

Peppercorn is considered as the ‘’King of Spice’’ and organic white and black peppercorns provide amazing benefits for your body such as:

  • Detoxification of the body
  • Weight loss
  • Provides Vitamin B and Calcium
  • Prevents constipation
  • Help in producing red blood cells
  • Prevents wrinkles and skin deformation
  • Contributes to treating diarrhea


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