Why do you need to try magnetic lashes?

Do you want long lashes with less mess and wish to ditch your lash glue?

Try magnetic lashes with the clear magnetic liner!

Magnetic eyelashes are being hailed as a brilliant innovation that makes applying false lashes a breeze. It is an exceptional addition to the lash wonderland. It’s a brilliant concept, and indeed who wouldn’t want to be able to ‘click and go’ on their way out the door for achieving stunning lashes in seconds?


Here are five prominent reasons why you need to try magnetic lashes:

No glue, no mess:

Magnetic lashes are the ideal substitute for regular falsies as they don’t need any nasty sticky, chemical-filled glue. They are, admittedly, a little challenging to put on at first, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t go back. They don’t irritate or scratch your eyes, and they don’t cling to or tear off your lashes. They don’t irritate your skin, and they’re straightforward to remove without causing any harm. With an easy-to-use clear magnetic liner, you can quickly put on your magnetic falsies, and iron oxide present in the liner allows it to hold your magnetic lashes perfectly for the whole day.

Hygienic and reusable:

They’re more hygienic and reusable. Since no glue is used, there is a lot less washing to do. They just need a simple cotton bud to cleanse after use because the magnets have mascara and lipstick remnants on them, but that’s all you have to do.

Provide more natural looks:

Magnetic lashes blend in much better with your natural lashes. It’s not that adhesive lashes aren’t beautiful, but because magnetic eyelashes encase natural lashes, they all fit in seamlessly. When you used to wear adhesive lashes, you had to apply the fake lashes first and then go over them with mascara to try to match them together. It meant a higher risk of them looking bad and that they would be more difficult to clean after use. Magnetic lashes are simple to apply just line with clear magnetic liner and perfectly apply the magnetic lashes.

Un-sticking is not your issue:

It has often been observed that when you see false eyelashes peeling at the corner or hanging off completely. It takes a lot of time and effort to assist them with getting things back for them. It happens all the time with glue lashes, and let’s be honest, it is not a good look.

There are a slew of reasons why they could lose their hold:


  • They may not have been sufficiently secured in the first place
  • It may have rained
  • The person wearing them may have screamed or had watery eyes
  • The wind may have begun to take them down, and so on


These factors don’t matter or impair the wear of magnetic eyelashes, and even if they did, you should change them.

They cannot ruin your makeup:

Most women spend an hour or more applying their makeup for a special event, just to find their eye makeup attempts obliterated by sloppy eyelash application. It can be a disaster, from sticking your eye shut and having white glue all over your eyelid to the glue ripping half of your eyeliner and eye shadow off. But with magnetic lashes, just forget all these horrible issues and be care-free with your magnetic falsies.